How bloggers can best work with PRs

1.Keep in mind the exposure

The main role of a PR is to garner exposure for his or her shoppers. The measurement of the exposure is done after they receive any sort of publications either in a printed format or online. PRs then make a valuation of the worth based on the worth of Advertising amount.

This is the worth appointed to a piece of writing in cases when the PR procures the advertising house. The exposure worth has to outweigh the worth of the particular product at least by a ratio of 3:1. PRs also check on different measurements. It is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience and hard work.

2.Use the proper word

PRs usually receive emails and notification from bloggers they are offered certain product free of cost in return of a post. Such deals are known as trade exchange. For example, A blog might be posted catering audience in the different social media platform. It must be evident that the clients are given enough importance, not just the free product.

3.Recognize your niche

PRs are often questioned by the bloggers why they weren’t invited to a selected media launch or utilized in a selected campaign. They have to explain it by giving a glance at the blog. They can say that their niche does not match with the product.

For instance, if the brand deals with sports items and the focus point of the page are something else then there is a transparent disconnect.

When an individual does everything, in such cases they are no longer regarded as a professional in something. It then becomes tough to figure out and carry on working as there is no certainty on what your focus is and the reasons for having a long list of followers.

4.Don’t depart your PR’s contact details

It is completely illegal to distribute an individual’s contact details without seeking permission from the person. If you are a part of any group for circulating PR contacts then you might be penalized. Do not lie and do not be a part of such an illegal act.

Trust me, the PRs receive numerous DMs for collaboration from various bloggers. It takes a lot of time for PRs to create the relationships with the bloggers they regularly work with them and try building faith. Therefore, you must show total loyalty towards the brand and ensure the fact that they can rely on you without any sort of hesitations.

5.Be patient

Being patient in life is very important. It important to understand that PRs love having the entire information of different influencers so that they can collaborate, they love operating.

Clients in maximum cases have a list of strict guidelines regarding the ways of how PRs should choose and select influencers, and the list of criteria must be fulfilled. In cases you do not stand up to the mark and fulfil the criteria, in such cases they cannot consider you as it might affect their campaign. /span>

All About Infrared Sensor

Infrared Sensor Thermometer is an innovation that has been adjusted for a custom item. This innovation takes into account precise temperature perusing without needing contact with the protest being estimated. The vast majority have not experienced so of the numerous points of interest this new instrument can give.

At the center, individuals who work in dangerous conditions have been estimating temperatures to decide whether there is an issue. Up to now the primary way this was sufficiently dependable was to reach the protest. The contact could sully or mechanically impact the objective. A few conditions have hazardous materials, gases, and numerous perils to people.

The IR thermometer has assisted with the wellbeing part of this risky activity without relinquishing the consistent quality. The upkeep expert, regardless of whether HVAC, electrical, PC, cook, or property holder, would now be able to peruse the temperature at a more secure separation. The temperature firearm can be pointed at the spot, most with laser focusing on, and utilize warm radiation to decide the temperature.

The thermometer has a tremendous temperature run. For example, one Infrared Thermometer has a temperature run from – 76 degrees Fahrenheit to 932 degrees Fahrenheit (- 60 degrees Celsius to 500 degrees Celsius). The applications could change enormously with this unit.

Car professionals have a wide assortment of employment. The cooling and warming frameworks, the fumes design, the motor segments would all need this demonstrative device. The thermometer’s minimal effort gives a false representation of the advantages for a superior investigating background. The client experience should e better because the diagnostics will be more exact. The issue ought to be settled the first run through a larger piece of the time.

In cooking and sustenance planning will be better. The cooking temperature will be more exact. The refrigeration of the sustenance ought to be more precise. The client will have a superior sentiment of wellbeing eating out.

Central air professionals have extreme employment with time nature for the HVAC changes in light of increases of funneling, ventilation work, and electrical establishment. So getting to the region waiting to be estimated has turned out to be more lumbering. With the temperature weapon, the temperature can be perused while giving the professional an edge of wellbeing not recently known.

The home will be the new boondocks for this innovation. At the point when a property holder or even a condo inhabitant takes a gander at there vitality charges, they will want to discover the holes. The infrared thermometer will have the capacity to indicate where more protection can be added to lessen the warming oil, the cooling power use. The cash spared will be a gift for the financial plan. The solace for the tenants will fulfill. Nature will be a champ too.

In the home, the proficiency of the apparatuses will have the capacity to estimated. How hot is the water? Is the heater putting out the perfect measure of vitality for the sum it employment? The hose from the dryer will have the capacity to checked without moving the dryer or pipe. This by itself will be of solace since flames can be begun with an obstructed fumes pipe.

The utilization will increment as the Infrared Sensor Technology multiplies the buyer advertise.

Changing the landscape of SEO by Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, we have seen various changes in the internet, especially when it comes to businesses. As a result, both marketers and managers have been forced to come up with strategies and techniques that will allow them to stay up-to-date with any new developments in the sector. For instance, people have now become accustomed to using their Smartphone’s and other similar devices to search for local businesses, information, goods, and services. This market shift has also led to the emergence of artificial intelligence assisted voice search platforms.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search

AI’s such as Alexa and Siri can now be found on tablets, Smartphone’s, and laptops. They allow users to search for whatever they want using a voice system instead of having them type a phrase or question. In addition, they have also managed to change the SEO landscape in the following ways:

1. Location and navigation searches

Nowadays, most of the search requests made through Alexa and Siri tend to involve location and navigation issues. As a result, businesses have been able to take advantage of this Google Maps integration with AI technology to generate more local traffic to their establishments.
For instance, it is much easier for an individual to conduct a voice search of a restaurant near them than to type a general search query of top rated restaurants in my area.

2. Smartphone search against smart speaker

Based on a Research and NPR, about 39 million Americans own a Smartphone. As a result, smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are now more popular and can be easily accessed for conducting searches.
On the other hand, it is important to note that smart speakers are not linked to any sort of screen or display platform, which means that users only get a verbal response to voice searches. All this is done by an AI assistant via an unseen selection process that typically takes a couple of seconds.
Smartphone and AI developers are however working on improving the single result system offered by their devices so that users can get full and concise answers. Remember, a business that happens to be ranked poorly may fail to be included in the limited results provided by AI assisted voice searches.

3. Going forward

It may not be apparent to AI’s like Alexa and Siri, but the fact is that they are changing the world of SEO, which means that marketers and businesses managers will have no choice but to adapt. Another important point to remember is that from opting for conversational content to a comprehensive integration with Google Maps, there are lots ways to make good use of AI technology.
All in all, the main goal of SEO remains the same and anyone wishing to have AI’s include their business content in their limited voice responses to searches, will still have to occupy a top spot on search engine giants. There is simply no way around this since being on the first page or even being among the top five on search engines is no longer what used to be.

Foreign IT Support

Giving Up Control

If you outsource your support services, your ability to effectively deal with issues and queries will be hindered by ineffective communication. These hiccups in communication are caused by delays that slow down the entire process of recovering an issue and dealing with it or working on a customer complaint. To complicate matters, customer data is held by a third party who is not within your control. In such a scenario, the security of the data is at great risk since data confidentiality is not guaranteed. In addition to that, when your customers’ data is held by someone else, it takes longer to retrieve it when you need it, further slowing down your operations.

Customer Data

Prohibitive Contracts

Most contracts drawn up by the support providers cover a specified time period and it is extremely difficult to go back on them. Even when you feel like the relationship with the provider is not serving your interests, you are stuck with them. For instance, it will not be easy to purchase proprietary software when the need arises. If you intend to change the provider or create your own team, you may be barred by the contract and it could prove costly to tear up the agreement.
To make matters worse, if customer data is in the custody of the provider, it may be harder to exonerate yourself from the deal because it may result in you losing vital customer data; such a scenario is unthinkable. To avoid putting yourself in such a fix, go through the contract before you sign it. Ensure that it serves your business’s interests in as much as it serves the provider’s interests.

Impact on Company Morale

If by outsourcing you had to get rid of your previous managed IT support services, your other employees may feel unsafe. They may become worried that their jobs are on the line if you decide to do away with their workstations and outsource their roles. That kind of uncertainty will breed job insecurity. Such employees will be low on motivation.

Foreign Support

If you want to provide your customers with 24/7 support, you may have to consider a foreign service to work when your own crew is not in the office. Support from foreign countries sometimes comes short in terms of quality. Customers get wound up by poor foreign customer service when they already have an issue that is bothering them. When choosing a company to provide you with customer support, find out where it is from so that you can know of any potential problems you may have to deal with.

The Bottom Line

When you are looking for a provider, you should do your research on them extensively. Such providers can prove invaluable for the smaller businesses that cannot afford to have their own IT departments. If your business has an IT support department in place, compare the providers in the market with what you have before you make any decisions.
If you ultimately decide to outsource, be very keen on the details of the contract. It has never hurt to get a few quotes from various providers so that you can find your perfect fit; the one that serves your business’s interests. Do not shy away from asking the tough but important questions so that you can unearth any potential problems. It may be tough to find the perfect fit if you are a sizeable company; therefore, examine what you have in your own company and use the points delineated above to find the best of what you have to work with.

6 tips for working in the technology industry

The job market of the tech industry is changing and this change is mainly attributed to the developments in artificial intelligence. Although the wide perception is that these developments, especially in the field of machine learning are leading to a loss of jobs, this is, in fact, not true. Not only are these new technological advancements creating more jobs, they are also improving customer service and sales.
To stay relevant in the tech industry, executives have to excel in any of the latest technologies like blockchain, machine learning, virtual reality, internet of things and artificial intelligence. With the advent of these technologies, professionals are required to expand their knowledge base and incorporate them into their businesses. Tech executives need to keep up with the speed at which these technologies are evolving and this speed is increasing rapidly. This has also made it difficult for professionals to keep up with the changes and do their job well.

Here are a few tips for tech executives to follow so that they can be successful in today’s world.

1. Real Value:

More often than not, in the tech industry, people only talk the talk and no one really walks the walk. It is not enough to just be excited about a technology and discuss it, you also need to evaluate the real value of the technology to their business. Take the example of blockchain technology. It is perhaps the most discussed new technology. But just because it is new doesn’t imply that it is useful to the organization. Every technology should be evaluated for the value it can add to the organisation. Executives should not get carried away by something just because it is the latest trend.
2. Innovate Fast:
In today’s world, information and knowledge are not limited to any particular group. The power of fast and easily available internet along with 3D printing, open online courses from the top universities and the fact that many of the latest advances can be implemented easily using its open-source code has sped up the innovation process. The same information is available to many different people and therefore, it has become important to innovate at an accelerated pace. Executives unable to keep up with the pace will find themselves becoming irrelevant.
3. Global Ideas:
Tech professionals are no longer limited geographically. Any idea that you come up with has to be relevant globally. The best way to foster creativity is to ensure that the people around you think differently than you. A group of like-minded people will have fewer arguments, but they will also have lesser creativity. On the other hand, a group that is constantly challenging each other will come up with new ideas faster despite the friction in the group. Although everyone may not agree with you, if you have a strong intuition about something, then trust that feeling and see that it through.
4. Compatible and Experienced Team:
A team will always consist of people with different ideas and viewpoints. But it is crucial to the success of the organisation that they are also compatible and can work well with each other. In addition to this, some of the senior positions in the organization must be occupied by experienced professionals who can guide the organization well. A good work-life balance is also equally important for the employees and this should be established from the beginning itself.
5. Think Aggressively, Apply Creatively:
The motto, think aggressively and apply creatively is very important for technology teams within the organisation that is transitioning into a business revenue model from a “lights on” model. The IT department is not just responsible for ensuring that the infrastructure and systems work properly and are secure. They are also responsible for implementing the relevant technologies to the company creatively.
6. Platforms:
Focus on buying platforms instead of buying products. Platforms are constantly evolving and be used in many different ways whereas products do not evolve and are static. It is always better to have something that adapts instead of something that never changes.

Production enterprise IT solutions

Production enterprise IT solutions is a basic foundation of any profitable business. The inventory network is the procedure by which a client is eventually given the goods they require. The chain reaches out from the initial generation all the way down to the final sales point and the smallest wrinkle inside that chain can have a disastrous impact on the final product. The chain is made of different connections and the association that keeps them all bound together is information.

With information playing such an important part in this procedure, it should not shock anyone that a gifted IT master would be a major asset as well. As the individual who maintains this safe stream of information, it is up to the enterprise IT solutions to guarantee that business is running easily and each connection of that chain is communicating with the other to get the goods to their endpoint.

Organizations can utilize innovation in various ways during the time spent production network management. From utilizing PC programs in the manufacture of goods to utilizing various web marketing methods to maintaining appropriate electronic communication with clients, innovation is a vital component and one that many entrepreneurs and representatives are not always as familiar with as they ought to be.

That’s the place you come in as an enterprise IT solutions. You can offer an extensive variety of administrations, including counseling, data passage, PC maintenance, technical support, and marketing assistance that organizations require on the off chance that they want to be effective.

It may be cost and time restrictive for a business to attempt and handle these areas themselves, so regularly they are more than willing to outsource with a specific end goal to get the assistance they require. You can position yourself as the ideal answer for their concern.

An important advice from tech help specialists to all online PC clients is to install good anti-infection programs. Such software programs shield your personal PC from malicious threats as ruined software programs and online piracy of data. Thus, once you purchase your PC, one thing that you ought to do is to shield your personal PC from such malicious threats. Tech enables specialists to propose you as an online PC client to make beyond any doubt that your PC has a good anti-infection securities loaded.

In the event that you want to find out about the security of your PC from malicious internet hacking activities, for example, spyware and malware, for what reason not visit a good information innovation gathering at the present time for technical help assistance. Such technical help assistance would enable you in making your online use to secure from online piracy of your confidential data and character.

Your free online information innovation gathering would help you stuck in an unfortunate situation shooting steps that you have to carry immediately in case of such spyware invasion. As you first observe indications of something strange, start checking for malicious software. Once such spyware invades your PC, you will immediately observe additional web programs with advertisements that may be irrelevant for then web utilize. Such stuff may not have anything at all to do with what you are searching or doing on the web.

The primary thing that tech enable specialists to ask you to do immediately is to run a framework reestablish. When you do this, your personal PC settings come back to a period that is set before spyware invasion. For security reasons, spyware programs are regularly downloaded in a place that is not quite the same as the framework reestablish itself. Presently as you reboot your PC, all such outside programs will be evacuated.

And monitoring your part in inventory network management not just encourages you, it causes them as well because you can then package your administrations with a specific end goal to maximize their advantage to potential customers. This won’t just enable you to market yourself as an enterprise IT solutions all the more adequately, it can also help you to communicate better with your customers, allowing them to perceive the value of contracting you for their information innovation needs.

When you are on board with a business, you can then put your abilities to good use to help keep the stream of information going easily, for the good of both the business and their clients. You can utilize such ideas as social media, blogging, website composition and video creation to get the customer’s message across or guarantee that their internal PC framework is working optimally to deliver the coveted outcomes.

Any way you take a gander at it, it’s all about keeping those connections bolted together through the best possible utilization of information and innovation. This is the center of inventory network management in today’s technological age and it is unequivocally why the IT master is such a looked for after ware.

Value And Minimize Maintenance Cost With Information Technology Services

The technology works best when it optimises business processes. It should enhance the way organisations function by saving costs, streamlining procedures, assisting staff and delivering other quantifiable benefits that improve operations. Ensuring that any company gets the best from technology relies on informed and proactive IT staff or their liaison with an external specialist.

Underperforming systems, software and platforms will impact the business bottom line and staff morale too. Frustration due to unavailable or slow IT can quickly build up and create plenty of unwanted attention on the team responsible for it. Working with specialist IT team is a great way of ensuring that things run smoothly, including maximising uptime and optimising load.

Intellect IT is one such company. Melbourne based they offer a wide range of services to ensure corporates get the best from their technology investments. Key to this is their vendor agnostic advice, which ensures that clients receive true recommendations that match their requirements, rather than biased responses driven by financial bonuses from suppliers. They maintain a comprehensive relationship with some of the best names in the industry and select from a great range of products on the market.

Whether it’s an evaluation of existing systems or the maintenance of new ones, Intellect IT removals can deliver the appropriate level of support a business requires. This may be the complete bells and whistles of an end to end proactive monitoring or just focusing on one aspect. Their experienced consultants provide common sense advice in plain English and ensure that the budget is adhered to. All great partnerships rely on open communication and honest feedback; their dedicated Account Managers ensure that the line is always open and build a solid relationship with clients.

As well as managing the here and now, an effective IT strategy also plans for the future. A scalable model is devised which aims to delineate a clear pathway for upgrades and expansion. IT budgets are always under pressure, so ensuring that hardware and software costs do not spiral is key to getting sign off from senior management. All parts of the business should be involved to ensure that complete business growth is taken into account and technology requirements are understood.

If, for example, new sites are anticipated then additional hardware and networking components will need to be factored in. Mobile working for staff may be another consideration, and the variety of devices in use presents its difficulties. As always, security is paramount, and with the growing trend in cyber-attacks, it is of utmost importance that all organisations ensure that the solution they select is adequate for their risk profile.The frequency of malicious activity and the complexity of the challenges call for a sophisticated line of defence to ensure business assets are protected.

A key piece to the puzzle of building a robust, future-proof and safe business IT solution is taking specialist advice when needed. Selecting reputable Information Technology providers that take the time to understand how a business will be able to make specific recommendations to its benefit.

In today’s IT-friendly world, an online/remote Computer Support Services is a blessing. This service not only saves your time, effort and money but relieves one the tedious tasks of bringing entire machine to repair shop and wait for days to get it repaired. IT companies offer online/remote services for spyware and viral removal, tuning up of systems and other IT related issues. Online computer support services offer an instant solution to fix your computer issues quickly. Technician offers step-by-step guidance to fix computer issues remotely. So, flourish your company in the online global business market with specialized IT solution packages.

5 important tips to up your 2017 Retail Marketing

It’s during the holidays where a majority of business are at their peak mainly because most people are free from the normal engagements. However, given the ever-changing dynamics globally, it’s essential that business tap on the potential that the emerging trends present. This article will take you through 5 important tips to up your 2017 retail holiday marketing.

1. Use the Social Media Properly.

Social media is one sector that is gradually transforming a lot of business globally. A majority of internet users today spend the better part of the surfing experience on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. It’s therefore upon you as an entrepreneur to use all the available options to tap into the potential vested therein. Luckily, you do not have to be a social media expert for you to implement the various social media marketing techniques, you only need to utilize the available marketing tools to your advantage. Apart from that, you will need to creative and innovative to make sure that you not only gain followers but you also retain them. Luckily, there is a wide range of options that you can utilize for you to gain as many followers as possible and also to make sure that your post attracts massive reactions.

2. Give Promotions.

With this ever-growing competition, it’s upon the business owner to ensure that they use any legal means to lure as many customers to buy their retail goods and services. Providing promotions is one of the best and irresistible way to win more customers from your worthy competitors. One of the common ways to go about these is by donating some additional products once a customer buys a particular commodity. Another technique that you may come in handy in winning more customers during you 2017 retail holiday marketing includes giving bonuses and gifts depending on the amount of money a customer spends on your goods and services.

3. Create Holiday- Specific Content.

One of the many things that a serious entrepreneur has today for them to remain relevant in the market is changing with the changing dynamics to accommodate the current trends. The same applies to this 2017 retail holiday marketing, you need to change the content on your website to embrace the holiday spirit. You may, therefore, need to add some holiday-related videos, photos, offers, themes, decorations just to name a few. Let your customer feel that holiday mode immediately they get to your site.

4. Video Marketing.

The use of video to market is one of the 2017 trends in retail marketing. This can partly be attributed to social media and partly to the rapidly growing technology that has made it possible to have quality tools that you use to create and edit a quality video. Video marketing is particularly preferred today for two main reasons, one it allows the market to use three aspects of marketing at once( audio, pictures, and writing) and secondly it’s the best for products and services that may need some illustrations/description.

5. Holiday Landing Page.

As earlier mentioned, when a customer gets to your website, make sure that they not only see but also feel the holiday. Make sure that the first impression that they get is that we are in holiday mode and that they need to take advantage of those available offers before the holiday over. Make sure that they gifts or bonuses you offer are all intended to make the holiday more lively and awesome for your esteem customers. The writing, the photos, videos and the theme on that landing page should all be holiday mode. Remember that these holidays come once in a while, make sure that both you and your customer enjoy when it lasts!

The Search Engine Strategies That You Need To Use For Maximum Traffic

When you have created your website, you need it to visible and rank among the top so that you can be able to breach by many people. The search engines take you through the process, and you have to get the most of out of the search engines, but you need to speak their language because they do not understand how pretty your website is built or how much pain you went through to build it.

Use the appropriate keywords

One of the appropriate SEO optimization strategies to employ is the use of the relevant keywords. You have to spread them well in your text naturally including their synonyms to make sure you deliver your message. A good example would be a website about the blinds where the keywords would be such words as window dressings, plantation blinds, roller blinds, Venetian blinds, and window coverings. You also need to use some of the keywords in your article title and to balance, but you should be keen not to overdo it to avoid spammy article.

Create concise and shareable content

For all successful websites, they know that the content they use is the king, even professional web developers would tell you the same, SEO service providers will also advise you the same thing. It is one the one thing that you have to keep in your mind before adding or removing any content in your website. People who browse come to the internet for the content they need, if they happen to visit your website and find nothing related to what they want, they will leave your website for another source. It is, therefore, necessary to have your website with relevant content as the users will be happy to visit your website and even share with their friends thus increasing your ranks. If you are not able to achieve this on your own, you should hire the services of an SEO optimization firm who can lay out a good content on what you provide.

The of Use image descriptions

Images play an important role in improving you’re the experience of your visitors to your website. The images improve the appearance of your website as many users specifically search for images. If you have images with informative and succinct descriptions, then this will help you a lot in improving your traffic. Google also uses this to identify what your website is all about and using the appropriate keywords; the search engine giant uses the images you have used to determine how good your website is.

linking your web pages

The user experience is vital to the search engines, and they determine this by looking at your website navigation. You need to use 3-4 internal links on every page of your site and make sure they carefully and naturally incorporated. Avoid placing many links at the footer as Google may penalize you for this. Ensure that the anchor text is relevant to your topic. A good example of an anchor text for a website about engine maintenance would find out more about engine maintenance but avoid words such as click here and avoid using irrelevant anchor text to try tricking users or Google as by the end you will be identified and lose visitors to your website.

Everything You Need To Know About The 3 Levels of IT Support System

Is an IT expert still in need in today’s working environment? This is a question that most companies are not able to apprehend. An IT expert plays a very important role in the business market. You may already be aware that IT is a very broad subject and there’s a lot of different technologies, and tools that requires different IT experts to work on. So, before you decide on which expert is best suited for you, here is what you need to know about the 3 levels of IT support system.

Level 1 IT Support

This is an ideal option for a steady-state business. The main role of this expert is to ensure that any issue outlined by the customer is dealt with accordingly. They handle and document all the incoming requests and the incident coming from the customer. They own the ticket throughout its life-cycle and they try to capture all the relevant information as possible to provide the best solution to the customer. Our team at TNSC IT support, will answer all incoming phone calls and handle them in accordance with client specific call scripts. Their next step is to analyse the issue or the request and assign them to the relevant functional team as for the assignment matrix.

Troubleshooting the application problem is necessary as per available process. Therefore, we learn the implement and document new technologies, tools, processes and policies to provide the best support to the customer. A proper level 1 IT support needs to be very patient to listen to the customer. They are very open-minded to learn. They are the first point of contact for the customer.

Level 2 IT Support

The daily job of a level 2 IT expert is to provide technical desktop support to their end users of their clients. Additionally, to the support they provide to the end users by phone chat or email, they also have extra tasks such as helping and training the services agents to improve their skills and knowledge, updating the knowledge base, coordinating and sharing with other domains such as the network or data centre team. In TNSC IT support, we work in transition projects and we can even travel for project work on site. They provide IT support to ensure that everything runs smoothly. When looking for this provider, it’s important to ask them some few questions

-How often do operations get disrupted because of IT issues?

-How qualified the staff is?

-How the IT firm is helping their organization in ensuring they are in-line with the latest technology trends?

It Support Level 3.

This is where business results come to place. The roles of a level 3 IT expert is to ensure that your systems are good and functional. He/she will take a proactive approach to the customer’s support. Apart from that, they will also take into account how the latest technology can be able to measurable enhance the success of your organization/business. There’s only few IT firms that offers this level, since most companies are only after level 1 and level 2 IT support experts. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them as they also play a major role in your company.


Choosing an IT expert can be a daunting task to many, but this simple breakdown will help you to narrow down your focus, and be able to settle on the right option for you and your company.