4 tips how on to use social media in insurance company

When it comes to target marketing, paid social media advertising offers managers with a unique level of expertise that most conventional media channels cannot. In fact, this type of marketing tool is ideal for niche insurers who would like to target a specific clientele. This is because social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, SnapChat, Instagram, and LinkedIn can all provide crucial data such as likes, gender information, location, and age that can be used for target marketing.

4 essential tips to get your insurance company going using social media advertising

Identify who your customers
Regardless of which kind of insurer you are, it is essential that you learn or understand who your customer really is and where they are. For instance, if you are trying to capture a wide market segment consisting of largely young people, then it is more than likely that social media channels like Facebook and Instagram would yield the best results for your business. In case you are hoping for an older demographic, then such channels may not be as effective.

The most ideal way for getting to know who your customers are is to go through the data gained from tools such as Google analytics, third party research reports, and social media algorithms.

Have a goal
When drafting your social media advertising strategy, it is important that you be clear about what you are requesting potential customers to do. This could be in terms of clicks on your website to filling out forms for insurance purposes. Regardless of what your request is, the main objective is to pin down what the goal of your social media advertising campaign is. Also, remember to put in place a proper and relevant call to action.

Alternate your ads
Just like with radio and TV, people often find it irritating when they keep on seeing the same ads over and over again on all of their social media channels. As a result, it is always wise that you try to rotate them as much as you can. This can even be achieved by simply implementing a bit of creativity and unique messaging so that your posts do not go stale. Remember, if your customers get bored, they may end up dismissing all of your posts regardless of how important they may be.


Take note of your goals and expected outcomes
ROI is quite critical when it comes to the data oriented world. Therefore, it is important for you to be able to measure your goals and expected outcomes. The good thing is that most of the social media platforms come equipped with tools that can assist you with keeping track of your goals. For those that don’t offer these kinds of features, make sure you know what data can actually be measured so that you can commit to achieving your goals.

Despite the fact that social media advertising is one of the newest steps in the marketing evolution process, it still works within the confines or principles of basic marketing strategies. This means that your audience still has to be at the right location, at the right time, and you have to offer the right price in order for it to work.

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