5 important tips to up your 2017 Retail Marketing

It’s during the holidays where a majority of business are at their peak mainly because most people are free from the normal engagements. However, given the ever-changing dynamics globally, it’s essential that business tap on the potential that the emerging trends present. This article will take you through 5 important tips to up your 2017 retail holiday marketing.

1. Use the Social Media Properly.

Social media is one sector that is gradually transforming a lot of business globally. A majority of internet users today spend the better part of the surfing experience on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. It’s therefore upon you as an entrepreneur to use all the available options to tap into the potential vested therein. Luckily, you do not have to be a social media expert for you to implement the various social media marketing techniques, you only need to utilize the available marketing tools to your advantage. Apart from that, you will need to creative and innovative to make sure that you not only gain followers but you also retain them. Luckily, there is a wide range of options that you can utilize for you to gain as many followers as possible and also to make sure that your post attracts massive reactions.

2. Give Promotions.

With this ever-growing competition, it’s upon the business owner to ensure that they use any legal means to lure as many customers to buy their retail goods and services. Providing promotions is one of the best and irresistible way to win more customers from your worthy competitors. One of the common ways to go about these is by donating some additional products once a customer buys a particular commodity. Another technique that you may come in handy in winning more customers during you 2017 retail holiday marketing includes giving bonuses and gifts depending on the amount of money a customer spends on your goods and services.

3. Create Holiday- Specific Content.

One of the many things that a serious entrepreneur has today for them to remain relevant in the market is changing with the changing dynamics to accommodate the current trends. The same applies to this 2017 retail holiday marketing, you need to change the content on your website to embrace the holiday spirit. You may, therefore, need to add some holiday-related videos, photos, offers, themes, decorations just to name a few. Let your customer feel that holiday mode immediately they get to your site.

4. Video Marketing.

The use of video to market is one of the 2017 trends in retail marketing. This can partly be attributed to social media and partly to the rapidly growing technology that has made it possible to have quality tools that you use to create and edit a quality video. Video marketing is particularly preferred today for two main reasons, one it allows the market to use three aspects of marketing at once( audio, pictures, and writing) and secondly it’s the best for products and services that may need some illustrations/description.

5. Holiday Landing Page.

As earlier mentioned, when a customer gets to your website, make sure that they not only see but also feel the holiday. Make sure that the first impression that they get is that we are in holiday mode and that they need to take advantage of those available offers before the holiday over. Make sure that they gifts or bonuses you offer are all intended to make the holiday more lively and awesome for your esteem customers. The writing, the photos, videos and the theme on that landing page should all be holiday mode. Remember that these holidays come once in a while, make sure that both you and your customer enjoy when it lasts!

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