Changing the landscape of SEO by Artificial Intelligence

Over the years, we have seen various changes in the internet, especially when it comes to businesses. As a result, both marketers and managers have been forced to come up with strategies and techniques that will allow them to stay up-to-date with any new developments in the sector. For instance, people have now become accustomed to using their Smartphone’s and other similar devices to search for local businesses, information, goods, and services. This market shift has also led to the emergence of artificial intelligence assisted voice search platforms.

Artificial Intelligence and Voice Search

AI’s such as Alexa and Siri can now be found on tablets, Smartphone’s, and laptops. They allow users to search for whatever they want using a voice system instead of having them type a phrase or question. In addition, they have also managed to change the SEO landscape in the following ways:

1. Location and navigation searches

Nowadays, most of the search requests made through Alexa and Siri tend to involve location and navigation issues. As a result, businesses have been able to take advantage of this Google Maps integration with AI technology to generate more local traffic to their establishments.
For instance, it is much easier for an individual to conduct a voice search of a restaurant near them than to type a general search query of top rated restaurants in my area.

2. Smartphone search against smart speaker

Based on a Research and NPR, about 39 million Americans own a Smartphone. As a result, smart speakers such as Amazon Echo and Google Home are now more popular and can be easily accessed for conducting searches.
On the other hand, it is important to note that smart speakers are not linked to any sort of screen or display platform, which means that users only get a verbal response to voice searches. All this is done by an AI assistant via an unseen selection process that typically takes a couple of seconds.
Smartphone and AI developers are however working on improving the single result system offered by their devices so that users can get full and concise answers. Remember, a business that happens to be ranked poorly may fail to be included in the limited results provided by AI assisted voice searches.

3. Going forward

It may not be apparent to AI’s like Alexa and Siri, but the fact is that they are changing the world of SEO, which means that marketers and businesses managers will have no choice but to adapt. Another important point to remember is that from opting for conversational content to a comprehensive integration with Google Maps, there are lots ways to make good use of AI technology.
All in all, the main goal of SEO remains the same and anyone wishing to have AI’s include their business content in their limited voice responses to searches, will still have to occupy a top spot on search engine giants. There is simply no way around this since being on the first page or even being among the top five on search engines is no longer what used to be.

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