Everything You Need To Know About The 3 Levels of IT Support System

Is an IT expert still in need in today’s working environment? This is a question that most companies are not able to apprehend. An IT expert plays a very important role in the business market. You may already be aware that IT is a very broad subject and there’s a lot of different technologies, and tools that requires different IT experts to work on. So, before you decide on which expert is best suited for you, here is what you need to know about the 3 levels of IT support system.

Level 1 IT Support

This is an ideal option for a steady-state business. The main role of this expert is to ensure that any issue outlined by the customer is dealt with accordingly. They handle and document all the incoming requests and the incident coming from the customer. They own the ticket throughout its life-cycle and they try to capture all the relevant information as possible to provide the best solution to the customer. Our team at TNSC IT support, will answer all incoming phone calls and handle them in accordance with client specific call scripts. Their next step is to analyse the issue or the request and assign them to the relevant functional team as for the assignment matrix.

Troubleshooting the application problem is necessary as per available process. Therefore, we learn the implement and document new technologies, tools, processes and policies to provide the best support to the customer. A proper level 1 IT support needs to be very patient to listen to the customer. They are very open-minded to learn. They are the first point of contact for the customer.

Level 2 IT Support

The daily job of a level 2 IT expert is to provide technical desktop support to their end users of their clients. Additionally, to the support they provide to the end users by phone chat or email, they also have extra tasks such as helping and training the services agents to improve their skills and knowledge, updating the knowledge base, coordinating and sharing with other domains such as the network or data centre team. In TNSC IT support, we work in transition projects and we can even travel for project work on site. They provide IT support to ensure that everything runs smoothly. When looking for this provider, it’s important to ask them some few questions

-How often do operations get disrupted because of IT issues?

-How qualified the staff is?

-How the IT firm is helping their organization in ensuring they are in-line with the latest technology trends?

It Support Level 3.

This is where business results come to place. The roles of a level 3 IT expert is to ensure that your systems are good and functional. He/she will take a proactive approach to the customer’s support. Apart from that, they will also take into account how the latest technology can be able to measurable enhance the success of your organization/business. There’s only few IT firms that offers this level, since most companies are only after level 1 and level 2 IT support experts. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire them as they also play a major role in your company.


Choosing an IT expert can be a daunting task to many, but this simple breakdown will help you to narrow down your focus, and be able to settle on the right option for you and your company.

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