Improve Your Brand with these 5 Digital Marketing Ideas

The number of business owners using digital marketing to advertise and sell their brands is increasing by the day. And, while there are many trends available for use, you need to choose your digital marketing avenues carefully depending on your goals and objectives to achieve the best results. Here are five digital marketing ideas you could use to improve your brand.

1. Consider Ephemeral Content.
This refers to content that appears for a given period after which it disappears. A lot of people (who could be potential customers) are using this feature on Snapchat and Instagram Stories. Many business owners will not welcome this idea, but you are looking to sell your brand, and you should take it right to where your clients are.

Among the advantages of using ephemeral content is that suitable for spontaneous, casual, small content which means you need not spend a lot of time in the designing, filming and editing content that will end appearing too formal and overly edited. While on it, you should relay the human qualities of your brands.

In case you have a brand that is new to ephemeral posts, consider beginning with some behind-the scenes videos or gifs, snippets from events, and brand announcement teasers.

2. Invest in Live Streaming.
Some social media networks have launched the live streaming feature. In 2016, Facebook launched theirs, Facebook Live, which allows marketers and their brands to interact with online users in real time. Twitter also upped their game by providing their users the ability to stream live, directly from the Twitter App without necessarily using Periscope. These two social networks have made live streaming easier and faster.

Here are some realistic content ideas you can use for your brand in case you are new to live streaming;
• Use how-tos to teach the users the possible ways to use your products or maximize the utilization of the particular products.• Broadcast events your brand is taking part in or hosting so that it is accessible to anyone.• Invite brand experts and host a question and answer session. Sourcing questions from the audience will enhance engagement.• Demonstrate to the users new skills relevant to your brand.• Taking users behind the scenes at exclusive events will offer them a glimpse of what is usually not seen by them.

3. Use personalization and content innovation.
Investing in content marketing is very important as you probably already know. This year, content marketing is going to be even more important. However, the most important thing to know is that many more marketers are creating fascinating and competitive new content. Therefore, the market is getting a lot more crowded, and it requires you to up your game for you to stand out.
Content innovation is one to stand out. It goes beyond maintaining an active blog. You need to create exciting and fresh content. Creating experiences and messages tailored to specific audiences and individuals will result in greater appeal and resonance.

4. Snapchat advertising.
Do you want to broaden you ad buys across various platforms? The two big advertising innovations rolled out by Snapchat in 2016 are worth trying. However, Snapchat ads are not for every brand. They skew younger than most other social platforms. Besides, they are best for some worth playful content. While this is the case, there are great advertising opportunities for brands fitting the bill.

5. Influencer marketing can help.
Data from eMarketer show that the popularity of influencer marketing is rising by the day. In 2016 alone, brands spent around $570 million doing influencer marketing on Instagram alone. How about you start considering influencer marketing as a means of getting that word of mouth online. This is the case, because, influencers are not actual friends with whoever following them online, but they have the same or nearly the same influence as real friends would.
Influencers are trusted trendsetters and thought leaders. Their followers usually respect their recommendations as they look up to them. Therefore, partnering with an influencer good at their job can be an excellent way to improve your brand.

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