Local SEO – The question everyone needs answered

We’ve spoken about how important it is to set a client’s expectations regarding local SEO efforts and if you took all of that in you should have gotten not just the meeting, but also the job. You have landed your client, now you need to deliver even more than what you promised.

Moz has shown us his study on Local Search Rankings and Google has gone so far as admitting that there are three ranking factors that means anything. These are content, links and if RankBrain does anything, that too. Apart from that, uniquely, amazing content and links to sites that better informs are equally important to your client’s sites.
How it’s done differs from client to client and depends on the niche you are working with. What if you have various clients with the same niche? How do you handle each company’s SEO uniquely? Even coming up with content for vastly different niches are a tricky job.
Figuring this out comes down to one question: ‘Why does your client deserve to be in the number one spot?’ They all think they are good enough to be there, now you figure out, what is it that will put them there?

Exceptional answer = exceptional content

When you are based where the client is, the easiest way to figure it out will be to ask around. If not, the client should provide you with a clear answer. Do not fall for the programmed in answer about them being better or having better customer care and service. Hammer them for a usable answer. Getting the right kind of answer will mean the difference between having an easy job and working ten times harder to succeed in the project.

A detailed answer would give you more to work with and coming up with content unique to your client would be a synch for obvious reasons. Writing content for a home page with all the info in front of you is a breeze while Product and service pages can be properly detailed with the same details you obtained. Info for the Location page should then also be right at your fingertips.

Exceptional answer = exceptional links

If the answer is given with all relevant info, you will know where to go and search for the company as you will know where in the community your client got involved and that, obviously would become your first stops, building links to the pages that your client was named on to show a sense of community and caring. Your answer can be milked for an array of link prospects. They will be unique and local and will have a definite effect on the visibility of the site and it wouldn’t seem like such a chore.

Exceptional answer = exceptional delivery

A lot of in house SEOs or SEO agencies have a uniform approach to every client. When you ask this question and push the client for a properly detailed answer, your client is sure to notice your care and devotion. They expect to be involved themselves and that they have to invest of themselves in the project. This lays the base for a happy client at the end of the process.

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